Starting a new Project

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    1. Make a copy of your wt3 master with a new project name.
    2. Create a new database to match your new project.
    3. Open the new project, enhance, publish, test, etc.


    1. Make a copy of your wt3 master with a new project name. An easy way to make a copy is to use the batch file named "copy_a5project.bat" (found in the Extras folder).
    2. Use the appropriate SQL script to build a new database to use with your new project. The database is typically named the same as the Alpha Five project.
    3. Open your new project using the latest version of Alpha Five V11 or V12 and go to the Web Projects Control Panel.
    4. Go to Tools > AlphaDAO Connection Strings... and set the connection string to point to your new SQL database.
    1. Open the Profile named Local Webroot and ensure you have a value for the Target Folder.
    1. Test your new project by publishing to the Local Webroot. Be sure to publish all files -- click Clear History, Publish Web Security Data Tables, and select Index.a5w as the Page to Show.
    2. Allow the index.a5w page to open in your browser.
    3. If the website fails to appear or shows an error, be sure that all folders and files have been published.