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Adding Users

      1. Login to your live Framework-based application as an Admin, go to Website User List an click the button to Add Users. Be sure to select one or more Security Groups and provide a temporary password. If you add a user with this manual method, you will need to alert them to their username and password.
      2. Same as above but flag the user as Pending or Invite. In this mode users are not added to Alpha Five security just yet. Instead they are added only to the Framework's User List. At your option, you can send an email to these individuals from the Framework's Send Email to Users module.
      3. If you have published the Register.a5w and related components, visitors to your website can click the "Sign-in" (or similar) button to add themselves by registering for an account. Because registration uses a double opt-in process, you are assured that the visitor is legitimate. For more about the double opt-in registration process see Online User Registration.

Managing Users