Download and Install

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  1. The Framework is delivered as one zip file named*. Extract this file to where you store your Alpha Five project files. For instance, if you store your project files at c:\myprojects, after extracting the files you would have a folder named c:\myprojects\wt3 containing your master files for the project named wt3.
  2. The installation folder will contain a subfolder named "extras". Move that folder OUT of your project folder, perhaps to your desktop. The Extras folder contains documentation and other files that are NOT part of your Alpha Five project.
  3. From the Extras folder, copy the CAPTCHA folder to the root drive of any machine that will be running the Web Application Server. For instance, if you plan to publish to Local Webroot on drive c, copy the CAPTCHA folder to c:\captcha. Do the same on your server if you plan to publish your project to a server. The CAPTCHA is only used on the Framework's Contact Us page (you can omit if you do not use the Framework's Contact component.)
    1. Note - Starting with Alpha Five V11, Dialogs have built-in CAPTCHA ability. This AlphaToGo CAPTCHA can be used in both Dialogs and Grids. It is industry-standard CAPTCHA using an image to present the key to the user for authentication. Truth is, an equally valid CAPTCH is just to ask the user to add (example) 5+2 and ensure they enter a 7 in the space you provide.
  4. The Extras folder also contains scripts to build the database for MYSQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Run these as queries in your respective SQL database. The Framework has only been tested on these two SQL databases, but should run on all SQL engines supported by Alpha Five.

*"wt" stands for Web Template