About Content Areas

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Code (DBF)

Pulls one or more records from wt_content table for all records with “Category = news”.

?table.external_record_content_get("[PathAlias.ADB_Path]\wt_content","text","sortlevel","category='news'.and. Omit=.f.")

Pulls all content from wt_content table where category=’main’ and not inactive and between the dates entered.

?table.external_record_content_get("[PathAlias.ADB_Path]\wt_content","text","sortlevel","category='main' .and. Omit=.f. .and. between(date(),{10/1/2010},{12/31/2010})")

Add this to the end of your code to draw a line between content areas if the code is expected to return more than one record

+ "<hr>"