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What this means

With this option your Banner project will be separate from your Alpha project and you will copy-paste code from the Banner to your target  web page(s).

You can, for example, run and publish the Banner Manger on your local machine or LAN, while still generating code that will work on a remote server for a different Alpha or non-Alpha web project.

The code can be used in a non-Alpha application as well.

Setup Steps:

  1. Run the MySQL or MSSQL script provided to build a database named "banner".

  2. Install and publish the Banner Manager to your Localhost to deploy.

  3. The Banner project contains a subfolder named "banner", the one here in red: ...banner\banner.WebProjects\Default.WebProject\banner. Copy this folder to your website as well.

  4. Be sure to check the AlphaDAO Connection String and set the Server Name and password to match your database settings.

  5. Refer to Using the Banner Manager for how to use the Banner Manager.