Simple Blog with Editor using Alpha Anywhere


    • Requires IADN Module named CKEditor - purchased and installed in your project.

Files included


an example page to display the full blog


admin component to manage blog content


grid to manage blog authors


grid to manage blog categories


use to build your initial database in MySQL. Includes schema document to build structure in other databases like MS SQL

contents of wpmore folder goes under ckeditor/plugins. Like ckeditor/plugins/wpmore/_files_


    • The blog_admin.a5w page is just a handy place where the blog editor, authors and categories are available. Although you can use it, it is expected you will instead break up the various components into your application structure.
    • The blog.a5w page has only simplistic CSS to provide format and style. You can use as is, but more likely you will enhance the CSS to better fit your application design.


    • Full featured HTML Editor using CKEditor
    • Optional Sidebar for Categories and Archives (by Month-Year)
    • Sets a "permanent link" which is a direct link to each individual blog
    • Includes a "read more..." hot link in the Editor.
    • Blog Title, Author, Publish Date and "Read More..." link
    • Example:


    1. Extract the downloaded file to any folder on your computer.
    2. Copy blog.a5w and blog_admin.a5wcmp to your Alpha project's "Default.WebProject" folder.
    3. If you are using MySQL, use alpha_blog.sql to build your database schema. If you are not using MySQL, study the document named alpha_blog_schema.pdf to build your database tables.
    4. You should already have a folder named ckeditor in your project (installing AlphaToGo's CKEditor module is a prerequisite).
    5. Unless the folder is already present, extract the file in to the folder ckeditor/plugins.
    6. In your Alpha project, open the file ckeditor\config_alphafive.js for editing. Use instructions below to edit the config_alphafive.js file.

Editing the config_alphafive.js file

    1. First, it is useful to read through the entire Help document for the CKEditor module, found at
    2. Find the line that starts with "config.extraPlugins" and alter it by adding ',wpmore' to whatever is already present. See image below.
    3. You can add the button named "WPMore" at any location. See image below for example.

Example from ckeditor/config_alphafive.js:

Example showing where the "WPMore button might appear: