AlphaLB can be an immediate solution for any of the following issues:

  • Your application is slower than desired due to excessive user activity, hits by search engines and hackers, or in many cases, even a poorly written software application.
  • Your application performance suffers during peak periods of heavy usage. 
  • Your application is "mission critical" and you need to ensure 100% uptime regardless of traffic and other conditions that might suddenly appear.
  • Or, any situation where you are simply anxious about any of the above and cannot afford application performance issues.

Problems it cannot solve

  • It cannot fix situations where an application quickly stalls due to some activity; for example, many users opening very large PDF documents or similar resource-intensive activity. In this case even if you had many Alpha Instances, each Instance would lock up and render the application out of service.
  • It cannot fix programming errors in your application. However, if one Instance is in trouble, the other Instances will carry on as if no error took place.