Getting the original Client IP Address

All load balancers strip off the original client IP address and so they are not available in the Alpha Logs or by using the standard Xbasic function request.remote_addr(). However, because AlphaLB is an advanced "Level 7" load balancer, you can use the following syntax to get the original client IP address: client_ip = request.GetHeader("X-Forwarded-For")


  • We will be using the product named AlwaysUp through this help document as how we launch Alpha Anywhere. AlwaysUp can be purchased from Core Technologies.


  • This document assumes you have a folder on your Alpha web server named c:\aa in order to store various Alpha-related files. It is OK to use a different folder structure.

Log Rotation

The load balancer does not come with a log rotation ability. Please see the IADN KnowledgeBase topic on Log Rotation for a solution.

AlwaysUp Applications Page

AlwaysUp Config for Load Balancer

(note it should show an Application Path of c:\aa\alphalb)

AlwaysUp Config for Alpha Instance